9 Routes of Drug Administration

Navigating Medication Delivery: Explore the 9 routes of drug administration. From oral pills to intravenous injections, delve into the diverse methods that healthcare professionals use to ensure effective and targeted delivery of medications. 💊🌐 #DrugAdministrationRoutes

9 Routes of Drug Administration

Medication Routes of Drug Administration

The drug has been administrated as per their nature and their desired good results. Every drug bottle or capsule or tablet pack label contains information of drug effects and routes of drug Administration with other instructions. Therefore, the drug used on skin and Mucous membranes takes a longer time to get the desired effect.

In Oral administration, the drug has been absorbed in the blood. So intramuscular administration is more effective than oral. If you want to get the fastest results, then I.V. (Intra-Venus) is the best way of drug or medicine administration that provides instant effects. So various medication routes use in every health care system.

1. Oral Administration

Oral Administration mostly used Route of Drug Administration for all age’s patients. So, The drugs available in form of tablets, capsules, syrups, etc easily administrated through this route. The different forms of ayurvedic medicines Aasav, Arishta, Choorn / Churn, Ghrita, Gugullu, Kwaath / Kaada, Mandoor, Pishti, Rasrasayan, Avaleha, Parpati, Vati, Ghansatva, Lauh, etc. used in Ayurveda through Oral Administration route.

2. Massage

Another, This local affect route of drug administration is called Innuction in which drug in liquid form, administrated on the skin through massage on the effective part. Also, Many antiseptic, astringents, and emollients ointments or Oils use in a massage. Hence, Ayurvedic massage therapy has great significance and is useful to cure many-body problems.

3. Sublingual Administration

In this, the drug has been placed under Tongue to dissolve slowly. Hence the drug-like Nitro-Glycerin use in this route.

4. Inhalation

A volatile drug has been administrated in this method. So, for local and systematic affect the patient inhales volatile or fumes drugs to the lungs. Also, Chloroform, Ether, Nitrous Oxide is some delirium drugs used in inhalation.

5. Insertion

Insertion, another drug administration route in which the solid nature drug is inserted into body orifices. Therefore the drug is inserted into the vaginal region (Enema) to cure internal vaginal diseases or severe piles etc.

6. Instillation

This route of drug administration helps to pour drugs into ears, nose, eyes, etc in form of drops. Another Nose installation in Ayurveda is called Nasya.

Nasya – Nasal medicine administration of treated organic oils, herbal extract, or solutions)

7. Insufflantion

This way of drug administration on the wounds in form of powder, air, etc. So Insufflator uses this method.

8. Implation

In Implation, the drug applies to the skin tissues in solid form.

9. Parenteral Administration

This medication route of drug administration uses to give drugs in other ways except for the alimentary canal. So, drugs are administrated using a needle in this method in our body various arteries, veins, and muscles, etc. Like in the case of Intramuscular, Epidermis, Subcutaneous, Intravenous, Intra-arterial, Intracardiac, Cardiac muscle, Intraspinal, Intra Osseous, Intra Peritoneal, and Peritoneal cavity, etc.

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