9 Natural Treatments for Burns At Home

Natural Treatments for Burns at Home: Soothing Solutions for Quick Relief! 🌿🔥 Explore simple and effective remedies to promote healing and ease discomfort from burns using common household items.

9 Natural Treatments for Burns At Home


In homes, mainly in kitchens, sometimes we are gripped in fire and harmed by hot things that touch and cause the condition of skin burns. In this situation, we need quick burn relief treatment for burns. Skin burn is a most painful condition, and in modern medical science, skin burn is divided into four stages First-degree burns, second-degree burns, third-degree burns, and fourth-degree burns.

These skin burns types specify the deepness of burn-in skin layers. The First-degree burns show burns in only the external skin layer called the superficial skin. 2nd-degree burns show that burn effect in some internal layers of skin also, with external skin. Third-degree burns mean burn effect in all skin layers, and last 4th degree burns indicate that burn effect on internal tissue too. The burn effect causes a painful irritation on the burn spot. In Ayurveda, some treatments for burns are used for quick relief.

Ayurvedic Burn Relief Treatment

1. Apply the banana’s eatable part on the skin burn to avoid irritation.

2. Mix Kapoor (Camphor in English) with Tarpeen (Colophony in English) oil and apply it to the burn spot.

3. Grind Laung / Lavang (Cloves in English) with natural honey and apply on burn spot, it avoids wound on the skin.

4. You can also use natural honey to end irritation on skin burns.

5. Grind Bargad/ Vat (Ficus benghalensis – Botanical Name) leaves in cow’s ghee and paste it on a burning spot to get burn relief.

6. Apply the paste of Mehandi (Henna in English) leaves and mustard oil to avoid irritation.

7. You can also use Karela (Bitter gourd in English) juice to stop irritation.

8. If you are suffering from hand burns? Then quickly apply half-cut onion extract on the burn spot. It will help to get relief from pain, and inflammation, and also avoid blister formation.

9. If the above-mentioned remedies are not available, then apply cold water to burn the place. Many women got their skin burnt by fire or hot pots while cooking. Apply toothpaste or wet wheatpaste on low-degree skin burns to get rid of the irritation.

These are some effective burn relief treatments for burns that have very significant, and use the best one that you can easily acquire.

If you have any existing burn scars, then you can remove the burn scar by using coconut oil. Apply coconut oil regularly on burn scars to get scar-free skin.

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