How To Cure Nightfall Using Home Remedies

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How To Cure Nightfall Using Home Remedies

Nightfall/ Wet Dreams/ Spermatorrhoea

Nightfall is termed as Wet Dreams because during sleep or dreams semen ejaculates involuntarily. Most of the time, nightfall condition occurs due to sexual enjoyment or intercourse in dreams. The Single-word term used for this problem is “Spermatorrhoea”.

Nightfall is a common problem for youth males during adolescence after the age of 12-14 and in adults. Weather, climate conditions, and dietary habits are responsible for this ejaculation of semen in the early years. Irregular nightfall is not harmful, but daily or frequent nightfall causes many health disorders like weakness. Too many social activities and enjoyment with females, intercourse reading or watching, and love thoughts cause sex dreams that result in a wet dream or semen ejaculation.

In Ayurveda, many home remedies or Spermatorrhoea homoeopathic treatments are available to cure it. The herbs that increase men’s power are called Aphrodisiac herbs, while that decrease is known as Anophrodisiacs. Many natural herbs are used to treat Night Fall conditions organically using ayurvedic home remedies. 10 mostly used ayurvedic herbs are:

How to use herbs to treat Nightfall at home?


1. Arjuna (Terminalia Arjuna) bark decoction is one most useful herbal solutions that treat Wet Dreams. Take the bark of Arjuna and boil it in water to prepare a decoction. When the solution remains 1/3rd, then on cooling, use this decoction to treat Spermatorrhoea.

Acacia Tree

2. Acacia Tree/ Babul (Acacia Nilotica) powder is also beneficial to treat nightfall. Prepare the fine powder of all parts of the Acacia Tree in equal amounts. Mix half amount of sugar-candy powder in it and use it daily, twice, with a spoon, in the morning and evening.


3. Asparagus (Asparagus Racemosus) herb is also useful in the homoeopathic treatment of Spermatorrhoea. Prepare the mixture of an equal amount of Asparagus (Shatavari in Hindi) fresh root, and sugar. Now, daily use about 10 grams of this mixture with one glass of milk, twice a day, in the morning and evening. This remedy helps in the thickening of semen and stops frequent Night Fall.

Ashoka Tree

4. Ashoka Tree (Saraca Asoka) tree bark decoction is another useful herbal mixture in the Night Fall treatment. Prepare the decoction of about 20 grams of Ashoka bark with 250 ml water. When it remains about 30 ml then use by adding about 5-6 grams of honey to it. Use this remedy daily, twice time in the morning and evening.


5. Green Cardamom (Elettaria Cardamomum) seeds also uses to cure Nightfalls. Take an Equal amount of Cardamom seeds and Spogel Seeds (Isabgol in Hindi) with Indian Gooseberry juice, about 20 ml. Take Cardamom seeds powder and Isabgol about one teaspoon daily in the morning and evening with Indian Gooseberry juice.

Country Mallow

6. Country Mallow (Sida Cordifolia) root and seeds utilize in Spermatorrhoea homoeopathic treatment. Take the fresh root of Country Mallow and strain it with fresh water. Now mix some sugar in it and use it to Stop Wet Dreams.


7. Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) leaves another beneficial herb that cures Spermatorrhoea. Take about 5-10 grams of Henna leaves juice and mix some sugar in it. You can also add some water to it. Now use this mixture to treat Night Fall.

Malabar Nut

8. Malabar Nut (Adhatoda Vasica) is one useful natural herb that cures Wet Dreams. Take the dried flower of Malabar Nut and prepare a fine powder. Now use this with sugar water and cucumber.

Spogel Seeds

9. Spogel Seeds (Plantago Ovata) or Isabgol and sugar candy in equal quantities are used to Stop Wet Dreams. Daily, take one teaspoon of this herbal mixture with 1 cup of milk at night before sleeping. This remedy is also good to treat Wet Dreams.


10. Walnut (Juglans Regia) fruit peel ash also treats the Night Fall problem. Take an equal amount of Walnut Ash and sugar and mix well. Take a small dose of about 10 grams of the mixture, twice a day, in the morning and evening. Try this remedy for at least 10 days and prevent semen ejaculation problems.

So try these ayurvedic nightfall home remedies of Spermatorrhoea as per herb availability, near you.

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