Kasondi Herb Introduction and Health Benefits in English

Discovering Kasondi Herb: An Introduction and Health Benefits Guide! 🌿🌱 Explore the Wonders of this Herbal Marvel and Uncover Its Potential Impact on Your Well-being. Embrace Natural Health with Kasondi! 💚

Kasondi Herb Introduction and Health Benefits in English

It is one useful herb that treats numerous health problems. This bushy plant occurs in extent in North India on barren land.

It has been described in Ayurveda with its Sanskrit names Kasmard, Kasmardah, Kasari, and Karkashah. Kasondi, Kasaundi, Kasondhi are the Hindi names of this herb. English names of Kasandi are Coffeeweed, Coffee senna, The Negro Coffee or Stinking weed with the Latin name Cassia occidentalis of the Caesalpiniaceae family.

In India, it is termed with many regional names as Kalkashunda in Bengali; Kasundro or Kasondro in Gujrati; Doddatagache and Anesogate in Kannada; Kasvinda or Rankasvinda in Marathi; Karnitaakar, Ponnaviram, and Mattantaakra in Malayalam, Thulo Tapre in Nepali; Aeluaan in Pahari; Peyavirai or Nttandagarai in Tamil; Kasinda and Peddakasinda in Telugu and Kasundri in Uria.

Kasondi plant roots, leaves, bark, and seeds, all parts are used in home remedies. Here are some most prominent health benefits of this medical herbs are:

Kasondi Treat What Disease 

Stomach Worms

To treat stomach worms (Udhar-Krimi in English), the usage of Kasondi leaves decoction is most beneficial. Prepare the decoction of about 25 grams of leaves with 500 ml water. Take 15-20 ml decoction, twice a day to get rid of stomach bugs naturally.


In the case of ascites (Jalodhar in English) treatment, root paste is considered good natural medicine. Make the paste of root with lemon extract and apply it to the abdomen. Also, take the root powder with Whey liquid, twice a day for the best results.


Prepare the decoction of Kasondi whole plant and use about 15-20 ml twice a day to treat Diarrhea (Parvahika in English) and abdominal irregularities.


To treat constipation (Vibandha in English), the decoction of Kasondi plant is another best remedy in Ayurveda. The use of flowers Gulkand (Preserve of flowers and Sugar) of this medicinal herb is also one good natural alternative for constipation treatment.


In earache (Kaandard) treatment, the leaf extract has good benefits. Take the fresh leaves juice and warm it a little, use this lukewarm extract to cure earache problems. Pouring 2-3 drops helps to get rid of aches.


To treat Goiter (Galgand in English), apply the paste of Kasondi leaves 10-15 grams and 4-5 Black Peppercorns (Kali Mirch in English) to the throat.


In the Cold (Pratishayaye in English) treatment, the Kasondi leaves extract is very useful. Take fresh leaves extract and pour 1-2 drops in each nostril to get rid of this problem.


To cure Cough (Kaas in English), the Kasondi legume is a wise natural choice. Bake the legumes and eat.

Another, the use of Seed powder also treats this problem. Take 2-3 grams of powder with hot water, thrice a day.

Kasondi plant decoction is also utilizes to cure cough. In the decoction, add some Natural Honey and use it twice a day.


To cure fever(Jwar in English), mix 15-20 ml Kasmard leaves juice with 2-3 spoons of Honey and use twice a day, in the morning and evening.

In the case of Ataxia fever or Malaria (Bisham-Jwar), use 15-20 ml Kasondi root decoction twice a day.

Semen Disorder

To cure Premature ejaculation, the use of Kasamard root bark is most beneficial. Prepare the powder of root bark 3-4 grams and mix it with 6-8 grams of Natural Honey. Now take it with Cow’s milk, twice a day, in the morning and the evening to treat sperm diseases at home. This remedy is also good to treat physical weakness.

Easy Delivery

For easy delivery (Sukhpurbak Prasab), use the Kasmard fresh leaves extract during delivery pain.

Jaundice (Kaamla in English)

The combination of 4-5 grams of Kasmard leaves and 4-5 Black Peppercorns is a panacea remedy to cure this disorder. Use this herbal mixture twice a day, in the morning and the evening for best results.

Bloody Piles

To cure bloody Piles (Khooni Bavasir in English), grind the mixture of 8-10 Kasondi seeds and 1-2 Black Pepper with water. Use this remedy twice a day to cure constipation and piles.

Scorpion Bite

Grind the Kasmard root and apply it on the bitten spot to get relief from Bite pain and inflammation.

These are some mostly used home remedies with the Kasondhi herb. So, take the health benefit of this natural herb if available in your region.

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