How To Treat Pneumonia Naturally

Natural Healing for Pneumonia: Explore effective and gentle ways on how to treat pneumonia naturally. From herbal remedies to lifestyle adjustments, discover holistic approaches to support your recovery and respiratory health. 🌿💨

How To Treat Pneumonia Naturally

It is a respiratory disease in which the lungs get an infection with inflammatory conditions. It is a breathing problem and caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other germs. Cough, fever, cold, chills, congestion, and body pain are some common symptoms of Pneumonia. Also, It is more common in the winter season, and it needs great care in the case of small children and weak elders. So, Ayurveda suggests some most effective home remedies for Pneumonia that help in its treatment, naturally. These are:

Home Remedies for Pneumonia

Garlic usefulness

1. In one spoonful of Garlic (Lahsun in English) extract, mix 2-3 drops of Natural honey and use it in Pneumonia cure treatment, naturally.

Brandy use

2. In, another best home remedy for Pneumonia, Alcohol use is most useful. Brandy – One popular alcohol brand that is also beneficial in bronchiolitis.


3. In the case of a children’s patient, Take Hing (Asafoetida, Ferula Foetida) equal to a peas mage and mix in water. Finally, use this solution in Pneumonia cure treatment, naturally.

Colophony best benefit

4. In Tarpine (Colophony) oil mix some Kapoor (Camphor) and massage on the chest in Pneumonia cure treatment, naturally.

Mint for Pneumonia

5. Mix some natural honey in the fresh extract of Pudina (Mint, Peppermint). Finally use this mixture every two hours in Pneumonia treatment, naturally.

So use these best natural remedies for Pneumonia and get rid of this disease. Some people are affected every year, in the cold season. So we can help those people and children with these ayurvedic solutions. In this disease needs, full-time rest and proper treatment are mostly suggested by health professionals.

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