Treatment for GERD Cough: Causes, Symptoms, Biomagnetism and Natural Remedies!

GERD cough relief starts here! 🤧🔍 Explore effective treatments for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) cough, finding the solutions to ease discomfort and restore peaceful, cough-free nights. Uncover the path to soothing relief!

Treatment for GERD Cough: Causes, Symptoms, Biomagnetism and Natural Remedies!

While heartburn and chest pain are the usual signs of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), a constant, annoying cough can also be a sneaky symptom that messes with your well-being.
This "GERD cough" can be frustrating and confusing, often seeming like other breathing issues and making you look for relief in the wrong places.
But don't worry, there's hope! By understanding what causes it, the symptoms, and possible treatments, you can take back control of your breathing and comfort.

GERD and the Coughing Mystery

GERD is a condition where stomach acid and contents back up into the esophagus, causing irritation and discomfort. But how does this lead to a cough?

It's all about location. The esophagus and the airways are very close together. When stomach acid reaches the sensitive esophageal lining, it triggers a reflex cough, a protective reaction to clear the irritant. This cough can be dry, hacking, or even hoarse, often worse when lying down or after meals.

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Symptoms of GERD Cough

Though coughs have many causes, these signs may mean GERD:
Long-lasting cough: Going on for weeks or months, not from a cold.
Worse at night or after eating: Lying down on a full stomach can make it worse.
Hoarse voice or sore throat: Acid can irritate the throat and voice box.
No phlegm: Unlike a normal cough, a GERD cough is usually dry.
Heartburn or acid coming up: These typical GERD symptoms may happen, too.

Causes of GERD

Weak lower esophageal sphincter: This muscle should keep acid in the stomach but if it is weak, acid can leak up.
Hiatal hernia: Part of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm muscle, allowing acid to escape.
Pregnancy: Hormones and pressure from the baby can cause acid reflux.
Obesity: Extra weight presses on the stomach and can force acid up.

Certain foods and drinks: Things like coffee, alcohol, citrus fruits, and spicy or fried foods can make GERD worse.
Some medications: Drugs like ibuprofen or some blood pressure medications may contribute.
Smoking: This can lower esophageal sphincter pressure and worsen reflux.

So, in summary, structural problems, lifestyle factors, and other conditions like pregnancy can all make GERD more likely by allowing stomach acid to flow up when it should not.

Treatment Options for GERD Cough

Lifestyle Changes:

Avoid trigger foods: Don't eat spicy, fatty, or acidic foods that make symptoms worse.
Small, frequent meals: Eat smaller amounts more often to prevent overflow.
Raise your bed: Use blocks to raise the head 6-8 inches to stop acid from forming.
Lose weight: Extra weight presses on the stomach, causing reflux.
Quit smoking: Smoking weakens the esophageal sphincter muscle, leading to reflux.


OTC antacids: These neutralize stomach acid for temporary relief.
Prescription PPIs: These reduce acid production for longer-term relief.
To get more relief and a complete cure, people with GRED cough can also try other alternative therapies, such as Biomagnetism. Read on further to learn about biomagnetism.

Biomagnetism for GERD Cough

This therapy uses pairs of magnets with different polarities to balance the body's
electromagnetic fields, potentially reducing inflammation and aiding healing. The practitioners believe that the main causes of health issues are related to imbalanced pH levels in the body.
Biomagnetism can correct imbalances and treat disease through magnetic and effects.

Process of Biomagnetism for GERD Cough

● A biomagnetism practitioner first detects areas of abnormal pH in the body using a special device. Then, they place magnets directly onto these spots for a period of time.

● The magnets will normalize pH and improve circulation. This can reduce inflammation in the esophagus caused by acid reflux.

● By potentially decreasing esophageal inflammation, biomagnetism will alleviate cough and other reflux symptoms. It offers a drug-free approach.

However, the outcomes of this therapy vary by individual. Multiple sessions are usually needed to notice improvements in reflux symptoms like cough. It is essential to consult a health professional before trying biomagnetism, as they can incorporate both and create a customized treatment plan that helps to recover quicker and enhances overall health and well-being.

Natural remedies for GERD Cough

Some herbs like ginger and licorice have anti-inflammatory effects. They may help relieve GERD cough. But it's very important to ask your doctor before using them. Herbs can interact with medications.

Points to Remember:

Get diagnosed and treated early: This makes GERD cough easier to control.
Don't try to diagnose or treat yourself. See a professional.
Be patient: Lifestyle changes and finding treatments take time.
Keep a symptom diary: Note triggers and treatment responses. This helps customize your treatment plan.

With the right diagnosis, treatments, and lifestyle changes, you can get relief from GERD cough. Work closely with your doctor and be patient. Soon you'll be able to breathe easy again.

FAQs About Biomagnetism for GERD Cough

Q1. How many biomagnetism sessions are needed?
For the best results, most people need multiple sessions spread out over weeks or months. Improvement in symptoms is gradual. A few sessions may not make much of a difference.
Q2. Can biomagnetism cure GERD permanently?
No, biomagnetism does not offer a cure for GERD itself. But it can help reduce cough and ease other GERD symptoms when combined with standard medical treatments.
Q3. Is biomagnetism recommended for GERD cough?
Some find it provides supplementary relief but check with your health professional first. It should not replace traditional GERD treatments - but rather complement them. The evidence that it works is limited.

Wrapping Up!

GERD cough can be frustrating and interfere with your life. But you can get relief and breathe freely again. By using treatment options such as biomagnetism, and lifestyle changes to medicines. Finding the right approach takes some trial and error. But don't give up.
For more information on biomagnetism.
Dr. Garcia is an expert in biomagnetism with 14 years of experience. His life's work is making biomagnetism therapy available to more people.
He holds training sessions across the USA to teach biomagnetism. He also offers
Biomagnetism online training programs. This makes therapy accessible to more people.
Hundreds of Dr. Garcia's students now actively practice biomagnetism therapy. His dedication has helped bring this treatment to a wide audience.

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