The Benefits of Beer for Hair Health

The Benefits of Beer for Hair Health: Unveiling the Surprising Advantages! 🍺💇‍♀️ Explore how beer can contribute to stronger, shinier hair and a healthier scalp.

The Benefits of Beer for Hair Health

Beer, a popular alcoholic beverage enjoyed by many, might come as a surprise when considering its potential benefits for hair health. While beer is typically associated with social gatherings and refreshments, it also contains ingredients that can positively impact the condition and appearance of your hair. From enhancing shine to promoting hair growth, let’s explore the potential benefits of beer for your luscious locks.

Discover the Surprising Benefits of Beer for Hair

With its unique concoction of ingredients, Beer presents a treasure trove of nutrients that can breathe new life into dull and lacklustre hair. The intricate blend of barley, hops, yeast, and other cereals produces a harmonious symphony of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These elements work in unison to nourish, strengthen, and revitalize our hair from within.

The mysterious allure of beer lies in its ability to impart a burst of voluminous splendour to our locks. The rich proteins found in beer penetrate the hair shaft, fortifying it and bestowing it with renewed vigour. As a result, our hair appears fuller, and more resilient and exudes a vibrant sheen that is sure to turn heads.

Moreover, the burstiness of beer extends beyond its volumizing effects. This magical elixir can also help combat common hair woes such as dryness, frizz, and brittleness. The humectant properties of beer aid in retaining moisture, ensuring that our tresses remain hydrated and supple. Bid farewell to lacklustre, parched strands and embrace the burst of hydration that beer brings to the table.

Nourishing Ingredients in Beer

Beer has been consumed and celebrated for centuries due to its distinct taste and social appeal. However, its benefits extend beyond its consumption. The ingredients in beer contribute to its potential benefits for hair health. Hops, for instance, possess proteins that can fortify the hair shaft, resulting in enhanced strength and resilience. Malted grains, like barley, are rich in B vitamins and amino acids, which can support nourishment and revitalize the hair. Yeast, another essential component, contains nutrients that support hair growth and promote a healthy scalp. In addition to hops, malt, and yeast, beer may contain other ingredients depending on the brewing process and the type of beer. These ingredients can include water, various grains, such as wheat or rye, and additional flavourings or spices. While their direct effects on hair may not be extensively studied, the overall combination of these ingredients can contribute to the potential benefits of beer for hair health.

Benefit 1: Hair Conditioning

One of the key benefits of using beer on your hair is its conditioning properties. Beer includes proteins derived from the malted grains, which can help nurture and moisturize the hair strands. These proteins have the potential to coat the hair shaft, smoothing the cuticles and lessening frizz, resulting in softer and more effortless hair.

Benefit 2: Adds Shine and Volume

Beer has been praised for its ability to add shine and volume to the hair. The carbohydrates present in beer can interact with the hair fibres, creating a temporary coating that reflects light, giving the appearance of shinier hair. Additionally, the carbonation in beer can create lift and volume at the roots, making the hair appear fuller and more voluminous.

Benefit 3: Balances pH Levels

The acidity of beer can assist balance the pH levels of the scalp and hair. Our hair and scalp have a natural pH range, and disturbances in this balance can lead to multiple hair issues, such as dryness, itchiness, and dullness. Using beer as a hair rinse can help reform the pH balance, promoting healthier hair and scalp.

Benefit 4: Provides Nutrients

Beer contains a spectrum of nutrients that can profit the hair. The malted grains in beer are a source of B vitamins, such as Biotin (vitamin B7) and Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), which are known to support hair health and development. Additionally, beer contains minerals like silicon, magnesium, and iron, which are essential for maintaining strong and healthy hair.

Benefits 5: Balanced Scalp and Reduced Dandruff 

Beer’s yeast content can assist in balancing the scalp’s pH levels, which can be beneficial for those with an oily or dry scalp. It can help regulate sebum production, reducing excessive oiliness or dryness. Additionally, the yeast’s antimicrobial properties may help combat dandruff and alleviate scalp itchiness.

Using Beer as a Hair Treatment

Now that we’ve explored the potential benefits, let’s discuss how to use beer as a hair medicine:

  1. Choose the right beer: Opt for a flat, non-alcoholic beer with minimal additional chemicals or fragrances. Avoid beers with increased alcohol content, as it can be drying to the hair.
  2. Prepare your hair: Start by washing your hair with your regular shampoo, then rinse it thoroughly.
  3. Apply the beer: Pour the beer into a spray bottle or a cup. Tilt your head back and gradually pour the beer over your hair, making it infallible to saturate it from roots to ends. Gently massage the beer into your scalp and hair for a few minutes.
  4. Let it sit: Allow the beer to sit on your hair for approximately 5-10 minutes to maximize the potential benefits.
  5. Rinse thoroughly: Rinse your hair with lukewarm water to release the beer completely. Follow up with a conditioner if desired, then rinse again.
  6. Condition (optional): If desired, follow up with a conditioner to replenish moisture and further enhance the softness and manageability of your hair.
  7. Style as usual: Proceed with your regular hairstyling routine. You can also let your hair air dry to enjoy the added volume and shine.


Incorporating beer into your hair care routine can offer several potential benefits, ranging from enhanced shine and softness to increased volume and stimulated hair growth. The proteins, vitamins, and yeast present in beer nourish the hair, promote scalp health, and contribute to overall hair vitality. By using beer as a rinse or hair mask, you can harness its natural properties for healthier and more beautiful locks.


Q: Will beer make my hair smell like alcohol?

A: When used properly and rinsed thoroughly, the beer scent should not linger in your hair. However, you can rinse your hair with water or use a scented conditioner after the beer treatment to eliminate every residual odour.

Q: Can I use any type of beer on my hair?

A: It is recommended to use flat, non-alcoholic beer for hair treatments. Beers with high alcohol content or added fragrances may be harsh on the hair and scalp.

Q: How often can I use beer on my hair?

A: It is typically recommended to use beer as a hair remedy once every 1-2 weeks to avoid extreme drying or buildup on the hair.

Q: Can beer help with hair growth?

A: While beer contains nutrients that are advantageous for hair health, its direct influence on hair growth is not scientifically proven. Hair growth is influenced by numerous factors, including genetics, overall health, and proper hair care.

Q: Can I use beer on coloured or chemically treated hair?

A: It is advisable to consult with your hairstylist or colourist before using beer on coloured or chemically treated hair. Beer may interact with specific hair treatments or affect the colour outcome, so professional guidance is recommended.

Q: Can I substitute beer for a conditioner?

A: Beer can provide conditioning benefits for your hair, but it’s not a direct substitute for a traditional conditioner. If you prefer, you can follow up the beer rinse with a conditioner to further nourish and moisturize your hair.

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