Cucumber 5 Health Benefits- Kheera in English

Crunch into Good Health! Explore Cucumber's 5 Health Benefits - Kheera in English. Refreshing, Nutrient-Packed Delight for Your Well-being. 🥒✨ #CucumberMagic

Cucumber 5 Health Benefits- Kheera in English

Kheera (खीरा) is a popular Hindi name for the Cucumber Salad dish that uses daily by most of the world. This organic vegan fruit is good to digest food and has many health benefits for eyes, stomach, skin, and urinary system disorders. Here in this article, we answer your question: what are the health benefits of eating raw cucumbers?

Cucumber is the English name of this natural herbal fruit with the Latin name Cucumis Sativus and of the Cucurbitaceae family. Another, well-known name for Cucumber is Gherkin. In Ayurveda, it is described with Sanskrit names like Trupusam, Susheetalam, Kantakiphalam, and Sudhavas. Kheera (Khira) has many regional names in India are described as:

Bengali – Kheera, Khira

Gujarati – Kakdi, Kankdi

Konkani – Kankari

Kannada– Santekyi and Santek

Marathi – Khira, Kakadi

Malayalam – Vellari

Punjabi – Kheera, Khiyaar

Tamil – Pipingkay, Vellarikkai

Telugu – Dosakaya, Dosakaaye

and Udiya – Kaknai

The cucumber ascending vine or creeper has yellow colour flowers that turn into fruit that is used as Meal or Salad.

Chemical Composition of Cucumber fruit contains carbohydrates, Vitamin- B and C, Starch, Minerals, Mucilage, Melic Dehydrogenus,  Stearic, Sterols, Palmitic, Protiolitic, Oleic acid, etc. Due to this useful chemical composition, Kheera utilizes it to treat the following health disorders.

Kheera Cucumber Health Benefits

  1. Cucumber for Eye

You have seen Cucumber round pieces on the eyes, in many video clips and movies. To treat eye disorders like hotness in the eyes, place cucumber pieces on the eyes. You can also make Cucumber paste and apply it around the eyes to cure dark circles.

  1. Cucumber benefits for Skin

Daily eating of this magical herb is good to get fair and scar-free glowing skin. To end face dryness, prepare the paste of Kheera and paste on full-face till neck for about half-hour. Every week try this remedy to get acne-free, spotless skin.

  1. Cucumber for Stone

Its seeds has also great significance in kidney stone natural treatment. Take the dry cucumber seeds and prepare the powder. Daily, use 3-4 gram powder with curd to cure this problem.

  1. Cucumber for Urinary Disorders

For Dysuria (Mutrakriccha – Ayurvedic term or Sanskrit name) problem, the cucumber is a panacea remedy. Include, Cucumber Salad in your daily meal to get rid of painful urination disease. Eating daily Cucumber also helps to cure bloody Dysuria.

Another, if you are facing difficulties in urinating, then the use of Cucumber oil is also most beneficial.

Cucumber leaves are also employed to treat all types of urinary disorders. Grind the fresh leaves with water and give them to the patient daily about 10-15 ml by adding some sugar candy to it.

  1. Cucumber for Throat problems

To treat these problems, prepare the decoction of Cucumber leaves and use about 15-20 ml with half a gram of Cumin powder. This herbal mixture is most useful to cure throat problems.

These aforementioned 5 health benefits of Kheera are very effective in respective disorders. Another Cucumber also enhances your digestion system working and ends wound inflammation. So, take the health benefits of Cucumber by intake daily meals to maintain good health and cure the above-mentioned disorders. In the Raita recipe, Cucumber also uses as one of mostly served dishes in India.

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