Write for Us: Contribute Your Insights to Health and Wellness!

Write for Us: Health and Wellness Enthusiasts Wanted! 🌿💪 Share your insights, tips, and stories with our community. Submit your articles for a chance to inspire and inform others on their journey to a healthier life. Contact us to become a contributor!

Write for Us: Contribute Your Insights to Health and Wellness!

AHR is a natural health blog based on naturopathic treatment with SEmrush DA 37 and PA 38. The blog is purely informative and with useful well-being topics. You have opportunities to write for us on different health niches.

Please follow these guest posting tips before starting an engagement with us:

  • Post length should be a minimum of 900 words.
  • The post is paid. A small one-time $25 ($40 without offer) fee for a blog post, or an article.
  • The topic must be qualitative and educational content.
  • 100% unique and do not use spin content.
  • A featured image and other content relevant 3-4 images accepted per posting (Optional & will manage)
  • Grammatically error-free.
  • We take about 24-48 hours to make your post live.
  • Post niche would be related to Health and wellness in any way.
  • Maximum 1 external backlink in one post.
  • Our AHR Editor has the full right to edit your posting.

For further information kindly contact us here- herryicm@gmail.com

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If you want to become a full-time contributor to AHR? Then you can contact us for more VIP contribution offers.

  • $100 for full-time publishers (12 posts/year). Upfront payment.

So, Drop us an email here- herryicm@gmail.com

Free guest posting is allowed from Non-Commercial, educational, govt, and semi-government organizations only. Other informative sites on spiritual with useful pitches live for one year at the AHR blog. Another research and public survey PR also needs a free space.

We look forward to encouraging your expertise on Ayurvedic Home Remedies and featuring you as a professional guest posting writer.

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