8 Ways of Sanitization with Natural DIY or Chemical Sanitizers

Sanitize Smartly! Discover 8 Ways of Sanitization with Natural DIY or Chemical Sanitizers. Keep Your Spaces Clean and Healthy. 🌿✨ #SanitizationTips

8 Ways of Sanitization with Natural DIY or Chemical Sanitizers


It is the technique of sterilizing something completely clean and neat from all types of germs or bacteria. By sterilizing we can make something free from all microorganisms.

Ways of Sanitization

1. Thermal Sanitization

In thermal sanitization, you can sanitize things in hot water at temperature 65-80 °C. So, you can sanitize metallic, plastic or other solid hard surface things at home with thermal sanitization technique. Thermal sanitization technique is most used to sanitize your kitchen pots, vegetables and other things. Steam sanitization is also beneficial to sanitize objects.

2. Sunlight Sanitization

Sunlight is a very natural disinfectant for laundry and other objects. The UV rays of sunlight kill the germs or bacteria. So dry your laundry and also sanitize other objects in sunlight. Study shows that in many places, people sanitize contaminated water in a plastic bottle by keeping it in direct sunlight for about 6 hours. Sunlight also helpful in the production of Vitamin D, and you can use it as a natural sanitiser. Another heat sanitization is another useful way to sanitize different things.

3. Liquid Sanitization

Alcohol-based sanitization: Alcohol-based sanitizers are useful to kill all types of germs or bacteria. At the time of Corona crisis, if you have no hand wash or spray sanitizers then use Isopropyl alcohol concentration 70% for sanitization. Also, due to the non-availability of good sanitizers, you can use drinking alcohol like Vodka for sanitization processes. Sanitize or wet all surfaces for at least 30 seconds to destroy all bacteria or germs.

4. Regular Soap

Regularly used soap also used to sanitize body. Daily take bath with soap and whenever you come home from outside then wash your hands with soap for about 30 seconds. Every time wash your hands before eating anything.

5. Chlorine or Sodium Bleach

Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite- Chemical formula (NaClO)) is also a strong oxidizing agent and used to clean home floors, countertops, plastic and metal chairs, tables, kitchen utensils and other hard surfaces like bathrooms tiles and seats. Bleach (Chlorine or Sodium Bleach) is easily available in markets, and you can sanitize your home floor with this. Mix some bleach into hot water and wipe the surfaces with this water solution.

6. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide (Chemical formula – H2O2) is also a disinfectant and used to treat minor cuts or wounds on the skin but need to use with great precautions. You can use it to sanitize other hard surfaces.

7. Lemon and other citric fruits also used as natural sanitisers to wash hands. Also, Neem (Margosa) and other essential oil-based hand wash are useful to sanitize hands. These are the natural anti-bacterial herbs used for sanitization.

8. Wood Ash

Another natural sanitiser name is Wood Ash. If, you have not all above-mentioned things than you can use wood ash for sanitizing. You can wash hands with wood ash and water as an alternate of soap or hand-wash. Also, you can wash dishes, buckets and other things with wood ash. Ash is a powerful alkali with pH 10-12 and a strong disinfectant. Hence, use this natural disinfectant to kill all types of bacteria or virus germs.

So, at the time this Corona crisis, please take precautions and sanitize you and your home properly. We have to follow all the rules of lockdown and social distancing to break the chain of Corona Virus. Please stay at home and take the precaution of sanitizations. Only go outside, in case of emergency only and when outside, avoid touching anything, wear a mask and avoid physical contact or follow social distancing rules. Also, wash your hands all the time when entering the home. By following these lockdown and sanitization rules, we can easily defeat this Covid-19 pandemic. Another know how to avoid Corona symptoms with home remedies.

Please follow this rule of govt. lockdown due to Corona crisis- STAY AT HOME | STAY AT HOME | OR ONLY STAY AT HOME.

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