Top 4 Bugs That Bite From Within Your Lawn

Backyard Bites: Uncovering the Top 4 Bugs That Bite From Within Your Lawn! 🐜🌿 Explore the Nuisances Lurking in Your Green Space and Learn How to Protect Your Outdoor Haven. Bite-Free Living Starts Here! 🏡💚 #LawnBugs #OutdoorLiving

Top 4 Bugs That Bite From Within Your Lawn

Top 4 Bugs That Bite From Within Your Lawn

Spending time outside is good for your mental health, but that benefit diminishes when you’re getting eaten alive by pesky grass bugs that bite!

Biting lawn insects usually aren’t dangerous (though they can be in some cases), but no one wants to deal with itchy or painful bites while gardening, relaxing, or doing yard work.

So what bugs should you be looking out for? Read on to learn about some of the most common lawn pests that are just waiting to bite your ankles.


Chiggers, sometimes called berry bugs, aren’t actually insects. They’re arachnids, like spiders. They’re mites!

These little lawn pests are tiny, often the size of the tip of a needle. They’re bright red, but hard to see if you’re not looking for them or paying attention.

Chiggers like to hang out in grass or bushes. Their bites are small but uncomfortable. If you’ve ever found a bunch of small red raised bumps on your body that were itchy and hard, you’ve likely experienced chiggers!

Itching can last for up to two weeks, but you can use calamine lotion or over-the-counter anti-allergy medicine to stay more comfortable.


Ticks are also not insects. Like chiggers, they’re arachnids.

They’re also the most dangerous pest on this list, though not always. The majority of ticks don’t carry diseases, but it’s hard to tell if you have a disease-carrying tick until it’s too late.

Ticks lurk in tall grass, so it’s important to keep your lawn mowed short if you plan on spending time outside.

Always check your body for ticks when you get inside. Look everywhere, including under your arms, your knee pits, and even your scalp.

Because ticks can be dangerous, it’s helpful to contact an outdoor pest control company (like to protect your lawn.

Fire Ants

Fire ants don’t bite, they sting. The difference, however, is unimportant when you’re being attacked by them. Their stings are painful, and they can even be fatal if someone has an allergy.

Individual fire ants aren’t dangerous. Their stings will hurt, but they’re not life-threatening. Most of the time, however, if people are getting stung, it’s because they’ve disrupted a colony.

Because ants act as a hivemind, if one ant in the colony stings you, the others will recognize you as a threat and follow suit. One sting can turn into dozens of stings.


Mosquitoes don’t live in the grass per se, but they do live in yards. If you happen to have sitting water (even a deep puddle or bird feeder), it’s not unlikely that you have mosquitoes waiting to bite you and suck your blood.

Mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases, but it’s uncommon. Despite that, they’re annoying and their bites are itchy. If you scratch them, those bites can become infected.

Clear your yard of sitting water and wear bug spray when you go outside if you’re in a mosquito-prone area.

Avoid These Grass Bugs That Bite

These grass bugs that bite might not often be dangerous, but they can ruin a day in the garden. Make sure to protect yourself when you’re spending time outside, and consider investing in pest control to keep your yard safe.

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