How To Use LED Light Face Mask To Treat Skin Problems

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How To Use LED Light Face Mask To Treat Skin Problems

Use of Phototherapy Mask to Treat Skin Problems

According to a survey from the United States, an LED facial mask has a significant effect on eliminating wrinkles. Another report shows that 90% of people believe that LED face masks can reduce skin aging, make the skin more delicate and smooth, and greatly improve the fine lines, red blood streaks, and melanin deposits around the corners of the eyes.

The phototherapy mask, also known as the LED mask, is based on the principle of light irradiation. It treats skin folds from depth by changing the energy of the red light of the LED. It not only calms the skin but also prevents the growth of bacteria inside the skin. LED masks will not feel claustrophobic. A large amount of red LED light delivered to the skin can make people feel very comfortable. Coupled with thoughtful design patents, users can use LED low-carbon environmental protection technology, which is safe, and can be reused to maintain skin condition.

You only need to put on the LED mask for 20 minutes a day, and the red LED light can gradually improve your skin. It fundamentally solves the problems of whitening and skin aging, namely: increasing cell activity; promoting cell metabolism, so that the skin secretes a large amount of collagen and fibrous tissue. Hence, It can accelerate blood reflux, increase skin elasticity, improve skin chlorosis and dullness, to achieve whitening, skin rejuvenation, anti-wrinkle, and spot-repairing.

LED Mask Field

The LED mask relates to the field of face masks. It includes an outer ring, whose center is provided with a leaky nose ring. The outer ring and the leaky nose ring are fixedly connected with a connecting line in the circumferential direction, on which a spiral wire is wound. The wire and the connecting point form a spider web shape. The intersection of the wire and the connecting point is glued with a red LED light. It is electrically connected to the wire. A power supply is connected between the two ends of the wire. Similarly, A switch is installed on the housing of the power supply.

The LED mask cover is easy to wear and can emit red light through the red LED light, which can stimulate the facial skin. The wire is spirally wound on the connection wire to form a spider web shape, making the LED light a wide range of irradiation, stimulating range large, and works effectively.

LED Light for Skin

The red bio-light has extremely high penetration in the skin. It can reach the dermis directly and speed up the metabolism of cells. However, only a very small amount of ordinary red light can reach the dermis. To make all the red light reach the dermis, the red light must be active, so a light source with extremely high purity is required. The formation of this theory marks that the beauty industry has entered the field of light energy. The application of the theory is extremely wide, from laser to photon skin rejuvenation. And later LED color light skin rejuvenation, all originated from this theoretical basis.

620NM Bio-red light

620NM bio-red light Red bio-light can produce photochemical effects on organisms and has biological and therapeutic effects. For the cells in the dermis, mitochondria can absorb a large amount of red light, and the activity of catalase among them is enhanced. Another, It accelerates cell metabolism and increases the content of glycogen. It also promotes protein synthesis and decomposes adenosine triphosphate. This result speeds up cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. Thus plumping the epidermal cells, firming the skin, reducing acne marks, and removing fine wrinkles.

460NM blue light

460NM blue light experimental study found that the formation of acne is mainly due to the reproduction of acne bacillus. Under the irradiation of blue light, acne bacteria will produce toxic singlet oxygen and other excessive free radicals. These substances produced in the bacterial body will cause a large number of deaths of hemorrhoid bacilli. And blue light can also induce changes in cell membrane permeability, change the intracellular PH value, and inhibit the growth of acne bacillus. Therefore, The final clinical manifestation is that blue light can effectively kill bacteria and make the acne dry and disappear.

580MM yellow light

The 580MM yellow light experimental study found that visible light with a wavelength of 580Mm is a low-energy laser. Another, it has a good relief and light adjustment effect on sensitive skin diseases and skin in the allergic period. It can promote cell growth, thicken and reorganize the dermal structure, and promote healing. So, Don’t eat hairy things and spicy food. We must do skin care to avoid recurrence problems.

Experimental Results

From the experimental results, it is found that: ① Compared with red light, blue light has a shorter wavelength and can only reach the superficial layer of the skin about 0.25 mm. It has a disinfecting and sterilizing effect on the surface of the skin. Also, suitable for acne muscles with acne, skin inflammation, and redness. ②Yellow light can change the mitochondrial structure of skin cells and play a role in whitening and controlling oil to a certain extent. ③Mixed light combines the phototherapy effects of 3 colors, improves skin vitality, promotes the formation of collagen, makes your skin younger and more radiant.

NEWDERMO photon skin rejuvenation instrument is an acne spot beauty instrument household Led mask. The Light Therapy Mask is Made of 100 Medical Led Beads, which brings the most efficient, stable, long-lasting, and desired result for your skin. Different colors of Light can treat different skin problems. It has 4 different colors: Red Light(620nm)-smooth wrinkles, anti-aging, increased blood flow and collagen production; blue light(470nm)-reduce inflammation, kills acne and tightening skin; yellow light(590nm)-reduces redness itching and other problems that occur in skincare, enhancing the skin’s immunity, and the mixed light combines 3 kinds of color phototherapy benefits- improve Skin Vitality, promote the formation of collagen and let your skin younger and glow.

Steps to use NEWDERMO photon skin rejuvenation mask:

Step 1: clean after removing makeup

After removing makeup, clean the face deeply, and then apply a mask.

Step 2: Wear the instrument

Touch the forehead to start using (20 minutes/cycle) (9 minutes in fast mode)

Step 3: Skincare after cleansing

After the instrument is finished, just rinse the face to relax the facial pores and then use the firming and locking cream.

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