How To Treat Low or High Cheekbones? Prominent Natural Treatment

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How To Treat Low or High Cheekbones? Prominent Natural Treatment

A round and whole cheekbone convey an idol of youth, happiness, and vitality.

Cheekbones are located under the eyes and have a central position on the face. Conversely, the aging of the cheekbones and their defects are immediately visible. The cheekbones are paired Malar bone between the hollow eye rings, touches the nose outside and the corner of the lips. Alternatively, the Cheekbone groove starting from the eyelid towards the cheek region of the face. It is the primary space of the tears.

The cheekbones sizes are different in many as per their facial structures. Low and high cheekbones mean small or big, lifted or lessen cheekbone sizes are possible in various societies and people. It directly participates in facial beauty due to its normal shape and size. Most people’s faces are with a similar structure to their parents and a genetic heredity factor. Bodyweight change and our daily diet determine the sagging of the Cheekbone.

Cheekbone Morphology

Another three different factors determine its shape, size, and position

  1. The Cheekbone Structure
  2. Malar Fat
  3. Skin tension

With aging, the skin loses its firmness and radiance that results in wrinkles or stretchable skin, but malar bones are not affected a lot. 

 The three factors are influencing the morphology of the cheekbones with the consequences of aging. 

1. The Cheekbone Structure – With aging, bone structures may undergo slight resorption, causing sag tissue.

2. Malar Fat– With age, the malar bone fatty tissue will lose volume mostly, which results in skin sagging.

3. Skin Tension– With aging, the skin started sagging, and it loses elasticity and pliancy, which contributes to the sagging of the tissues

 The sagging of the cheekbones is progressive, influencing the aesthetic doctor to define different stages, from the protruding cheekbone to the strongly sagging cheekbone. More commonly, a cosmetic treatment or botox injection treats this aging cheekbone problem with regular shots. But some natural treatments also play an important role to get a normal, round, and full cheekbone.

 The effects of aging can be treated well with naturopathic home remedies and prominent cheekbone beauty treatments. Worth a natural try!

 1. Facial exercises

Tips to enhance sagging cheeks: facial exercises

As some certain exercises help firm our thigh or tummy, similarly the exercises improve the appearance of our cheeks. Cheeks are made up of several small muscles, so we can strengthen them and correct their flabbiness.

In the mirror, smile very exaggerated and marked. Hold this face position for ten seconds. Rest a little, then repeat the movement 5 times.

Then inflate your cheeks with air as if you have swallowed a globe. Again, hold this gesture for 10 seconds, release it, then repeat the order 5 times.

Another, with hands palm, do a gentle round massage, just above on your cheekbones for 2 minutes. Then same on the center of the cheek, where your teeth are located. Use this remedy, in the morning and the evening.

Chew, chewing gum is also a good facial exercise for the mouth and face. This chewing regular exercise has great benefits.

2. Avocado and Honey mask

Avocado has firming and moisturizing powers, that tone and hydrates your skin to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and to nourish your muscles.

Take half of an avocado and add two tablespoons of honey. Mix them well, and apply this natural paste for 15 minutes. It is a very effective naturopathic remedy and for better results, try this remedy before going to sleep. Finally, rinsing this natural mask with lukewarm water.

 3. Aloe Vera and Yogurt mask

It is another very nutritious treatment choice and uses by many women against sagging cheeks. Aloe Vera and yogurt are combined works as an excellent firming natural agent ideal for starting the day.

To make a paste, use four tablespoons of natural yogurt and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Put them in a bowl and mix well. Apply this mixture to your face, with a brush and leave for 20 minutes. When it holds on the skin and is somewhat dry? Thereafter, rinse this natural herb mask with water. So, This remedy nourishes your face skin and makes it soft and wrinkle-free.

Regular use of this natural treatment, surely helps you to overcome low and high cheekbone sagging skin.

 4. A Nutritious Diet

As we already know, what you consume reflects on your physical appearance. Sufficient water intake can make your cheeks thicker, and that regular weight variation affects your metabolism and skin, which will appear looser and saggy in the after years.

These sagging skin effects can stave off with a nutritious and cleansing diet made up of natural fruits like apple, blueberries, cranberries, grapefruit, orange, and strawberry juices that are great for cleansing and purifying you.

Retention of salads, vegetables, fibers, and dried protein-rich fruits into your dishes, will help to strengthen muscles. Whenever you are losing weight, the skin can become saggy, so it is important to regularly maintain your facial muscles strong and well-nourished with a good nutritious diet.

Another, don’t forget to hydrate your body regularly, this helps you cleanse yourself of toxins and helps your organs to function more efficiently. Daily intake 5-6 liter water to make your body hydrated and help to get glowing skin.

So, low or high cheekbone, sagging cheeks can be treated well naturally by following these simple prominent home remedies. 

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