Chameli (Jasmine in English) Introduction & Benefits

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Chameli (Jasmine in English) Introduction & Benefits

Chameli (चमेली) is a well popular Hindi name for the Jasmine plant with plenty of health benefits. In English, it is known as Jasmine or Sparnish. In Latin, it is Jaminium grandiflorum and of the Oleaceae family. Ayurveda’s ancient text contains its Sanskrit names as Chetika, Sumana, Somanasyayani, Jatti, and HridyaGandha, etc. Other regional names of this ayurvedic herb are Chaameli in Bengali, Chabeli in Gujarati and Marathi, Mallige in Kannada, Malli in Telugu, Mallikai in Tamil and Kunda, Jui, Malati, and Shefalika in Oriya.

Chameli is a decoration plant and is of two types as per flower color: White and Yellow. Its flowers emit a pleasant fragrance that why used in perfumes mostly. Chameli oil is also considered one good hair oil alternative that treats headaches. Its fragrant perfume or oil is the best advised to remove bad body odor in Ayurveda. Its creeper contains striped branches with 5-9 leaves per twig mostly. Jasmine flowers are small of white color and Clove shape. The Botanical gardens or nurseries all over the World has this fragrant plant species collection.

Chameli Health Benefits

This magical herb has numerous health benefits in home remedies. It utilizes to treat various skin disorders, mouth problems, headache, impotency, menses irregularity, cracked heels, stomachache and fever, and facial paralysis, etc. Therefore, Read below in brief what Jasmine uses in home remedies.

  1. Skin Disorders

Take 5-10 flowers of Jasmine and prepare the paste. Apply this paste on the affected areas to treat skin ailments like burns, eczema, itching, pain, and severe wounds. 

Another, you can use flower oil also to cure the above-mentioned skin disorders. This herbal oil is advised as one good solution to treat skin and blood disorders.

2. Mouth Problems

Are you suffering from the problems of mouth boils and gum swelling? Then the use of this herb has great advantageous. Prepare the decoction of 30-40 gram leaves. Gargle with this mixture, twice a day to get the best results. Alternatively, you can chew its leaves also.

3. Headache

Jasmine oil also uses mostly as hair oil. So, massage of this oil helps to cure headaches. 

Another, take 2-3 leaves and prepare a paste with Mintobac Creamy Snuff (Gul Paste). Now squeeze and pour 1-1 drop in each nostril.

4. Male Impotency

To cure impotency, use the medicated oil of the Jasmine leaves and flowers is most beneficial. The paste of the root also employs for the best results. 

Alone, flowers also utilize to enhance manhood. Grind 6-10 flowers with water and apply the paste to the sexual organ.

In the case of female impotency, apply the paste of flowers on the stomach and waist area to treat potency and menses problems.

5. Menses Treatment

In the naturopathic treatment of menses problem, the use of Chameli herb is very useful. Prepare the decoction of Jasmine whole plant and use it twice a day to get relief from monthly periods privileges.

6. Cracked Heels

To heal, cracked heels, the use of Chameli leaves is most beneficial. Take the fresh leaves and grind to get the extract. Apply this juice into the cracked heels and cure them naturally. Check further for more Cracked Heels Ayurveda treatment.

7. Stomachache

Jasmine oil is also good naturopathic medicine to treat stomachaches. Apply the little warmth oil in the umbilical region with the help of cotton. This ayurvedic remedy helps you to get rid of gas pain, also.

8. Facial paralysis

The regular massage of Jasmine oil helps to cure facial insensibility. Another, the paste of its root has great usefulness in the natural treatment of paralysis.

9. Severe Wounds and Ulcers Treatment

It is also considered good to treat wounds and ulcers. In first, wash the wound properly with its decoction and then apply leaves extract or oil to heal them quickly.

10. Urinary Disorders

To cure the pain of urinary disorder, take the decoction of this magical herb.

Hence, you can try the above-mentioned home remedies to get the health benefits of Chameli. Jasmine green tea is another good alternative to take the health benefits of this herb. So, If your mind is full of questions as Is jasmine tea healthy?
What are the health benefits of jasmine tea?

Further, we answer your questions. Jasmine flower tea is an anti-oxidants in nature and improves restlessness, insomnia, and brain functions. It is considered best for heart health and skin. 

Don’t use an excessive amount of this herb because it results in adverse effects like headaches. So, use wisely this magical herb “Chameli” to gain its natural benefits.

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