Carcinogenic Effects Of Impure Camphor

Cautionary Insights: Understanding the Carcinogenic Effects of Impure Camphor. Delve into the potential risks associated with contaminated camphor and the importance of choosing purity for safety. 🚫🌿

Carcinogenic Effects Of Impure Camphor

Beware of the carcinogenic effects of impure camphor!

Do the simple test before you use it for any purpose.

Camphor, popularly known as ‘Kapur’ in Hindi, is a common product available in Indian households. From Worship (Puja in Hindi) to skincare, from a room freshener/insect repellent to essential oil, Kapur uses everywhere, in different forms.

Medicinally camphor is loaded with healing properties and can cure epilepsy, hysteria, and rheumatism. It used to treat many skin or hair problems and also being known for spreading positivity.

Incidentally, impure Kapoor made from hexamine powder, which is a potent carcinogen, inhaling or using it in any other form can cause serious health problems and skin disease. The fumes are fatal for pregnant women and children. It contains formaldehyde along with ammonia and nitrogen oxide and leads to dermatitis, asthma, nausea, vomiting, gastro problems, and kidney failure. So consumers who use camphor for various reasons should do small tests to determine safety and usability.

Camphor Purity Test

Know-How to Identify Pure Camphor

To determine the purity of camphor, consumers should do a simple test of burning it before purchase. Pure camphor is volatile and leaves no residue or oil on burning. While impure camphor leaves a white residue as well as traces of oil. Impure camphor also is less soluble and is smokeless as Hexamine burns without any smoke. With around 12000 Metric Tons of Camphor used annually for puja purposes in India, it is high time that consumers take note and check what they are using!


So you should take the benefits of this natural substance but use only pure Camphor for this. Camphor is obtained from the Camphor tree (Cinnamomum Camphora) and used in many lotions or creams. Another in oil form, Camphor is also mostly used. Hence, use pure Camphor for fragrance and to treat other health problems like skincare.

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