Blood Pressure Levels Too High?

Blood Pressure Levels Too High?

High Blood Pressure Levels

Blood pressure levels: If you have been concerned about hypertension, you may be able to rest a bit. New recommendations were launched Wed that recommend that individuals over 60 can have higher hypertension than previously thought.

High hypertension is not something to be taken gently. It is often generally known as the ‘silent killer’ because many times, there are little or no symptoms, and it can cause cardiac arrest, heart stroke, and renal failure.
One in three People in America has hypertension. In the past, sufferers were given drugs if their hypertension surpassed 140/90. But now, for sufferers 60 years or older, the new recommendations say their hypertension can reach up to 150/90 without treatment.

But, local family doctor, Dr Wish Brief, says this new guide is not for everyone.

“You can’t just take that information and implement it across the board to all sufferers,” Dr Brief said.

Short said especially for individuals who have other medical issues, the numbers are going to differ from individual to individual.
A diabetic person for example,” Dr Brief said. “We capture for 130/80 so this would not implement to someone with a comorbidity such as cardiovascular disease or someone that’s had congestive centre failing.”

But, for those who do fall into this classification, getting off the drugs could be a plus. Many hypertension medicines have adverse reactions such as faintness, xerostomia area, passing out, and drops.
Dr Brief says if she could recommend just one thing, it would be to ask your doctor before making any choices on what is best for you.

“Take any issues you have to your doctor,” Dr Brief said. “Please don’t just stop your medication without talking about it.” Comment with your thoughts if any about high blood pressure levels.

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