Alzheimer May Be Due To Concussions

Connecting the Dots: Explore the potential link between concussions and Alzheimer's disease. Uncover how head injuries may play a role in the development of Alzheimer's, shedding light on the importance of brain health and injury prevention. 🤕🧠 #ConcussionsAlzheimersLink #BrainHealthInsights

Alzheimer May Be Due To Concussions

Alzheimer Concussions

Alzheimer Concussions: Experienced go stress in the past and had a temporary lack of consciousness? You could be at higher risk of Alzheimer’s illness later in life.

The symptoms of concussion – a short lack of regular thinking processes in reaction to go stress. It may lead to the build-up of mind plaques related to Alzheimer’s illness, says new research.
The outcomes, released in the publication Neurology, suggest a potential link between a record of go stress and later intellectual decrease.

“Interestingly, in individuals with a record of concussion, a difference in the number of mind plaques was found only in those with storage and considering issues. Not in those who were cognitively regular,” said research writer Mrs Mielke.  She is working with Mayonnaise Medical centre in Rochester, MN.

Also, For the research, 448 individuals without any signs of storage issues. Another 141 individuals with storage and considering issues — called light intellectual incapacity — were chosen.

Of the 448 without any considering or storage issues, 17 % revealed damage to the mind, and 18 % of 141 individuals with storage and considering complications revealed a concussion or go stress.

People with storage and considering problems with a record of go stress had greater stages of amyloids. Amyoid a kind of ” floating ” fibrous protein, than those with no go stress record.

“So, Our outcomes add benefit to the idea that concussion and Alzheimer’s illness may be connected,” said Mielke.

“However, the fact that we did not find a relationship in those without storage and considering issues. It indicates that any organization between go stress and amyloids is complicated,” he added.

So, Researchers recommended that greater amyloid stages could be a reaction to an advanced level of damage to the myelin covering of the axons of nerves – the brain’s white matter.

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