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This category for information about Dog, Scorpion, Snake, Honey Bee, Monkey, Centipede, Mosquitoes and Wasp bite treatment.


Natural Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito bite is a common problem of our society and only a few places are untouched from these insect. These small insects are everywhere either indoor or outdoor. We use different types of repellent...

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Snake Bite Treatment

Treatment for Snake Bite In ayurvedic home remedies, there is some basic and quick snake bite treatment that we can implement as a first ad to secure the life. Snake bite sometimes very harmful...

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Dog Bite Treatment

Dog Bite Treatment Natural Cure In human society, it is more common to get a Dog Bite attack. Dog is our pet animal and very loyal towards their owners. So many people love to...

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Scorpion Bite Treatment

Scorpion Bite Treatment Home Remedies In Ayurvedic home remedies, we provide you primary Scorpion Bite Treatment as an emergency first aid. A scorpion poison is more dangerous and a strong Scorpion bite causes death...

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Home Remedies For Bites

Natural Home Remedies For Bites Many people suffered daily with bites of different type of toxic organism. Some bites causes unbearable pain and swelling on the bite spot. In this page we sharing primary...