Ayurvedic Medicine

Natural Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic medicine has no side effect on body. It is medically proved that all English medicines have bad effect on human body mainly on liver.  We usually seen the English medicine with abbreviation BP means British Pharmacopeia and Ayurvedic medicine with IP means Indian Pharmacopeia.  An Ayurvedic medicine is the combination of natural herbs and other natural products. In Ayurveda, we use everything as a drug that obtained from nature like herbs. Gomutra (cow urine uses) used in many diseases mainly in cancer. We get Honey from Honey bee and use in many diseases mainly in cough. Minerals (Iron, Copper mercury etc) Nine Gems / Nav Ratana (Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral (Moonga), Emerald, Yellow sapphire, Diamond, Blue sapphire, Hessonite and Cat’s Eye) and Uparatna substitutes of Ratna (Gem) also used in many medicines and available with the label of Bhasam on many Ayurvedic or desi medicines. Ayurvedic medicine ends the disease completely although take some more time to cure the disease. Ayurvedic medicines available mostly in form of Churn (powder), Goli (Pill), Vatti (tablet), Rasayana, Asava – arishta (Liquid solution) and Leh – Avleha( like Jam). Mostly Ayurvedic medicine recommended to take with hot water for oral use. A skilled Ayurvedic doctor after a proper Ayurveda diagnosis provides you medicine as per disease. He provides you full guidelines about precautions in disease and suggests best Ayurvedic recipes. It is very important to follow the instruction of Ayurvedic doctor when we use medicine. Sometime he recommends milk, simple water or juice to take medicine. With a regular Ayurvedic treatment, a healthy Ayurvedic diet is also necessary.

An Ayurvedic medicine is prepared with natural processes as similar we used in home in making Churn, Kwath (Kada), Aasab, Aarisht, Bhasam, Vatti, Pishti and tail (oil) etc. In old ages Rishi-Muni treat every disease by using natural herbs.

Ayurvedic Medicine

In ayurvedic medicine, a proper medication prescribed by your ayurvedic doctor is very effective. For oral use ayurvedic medicine prescribed to take with normal water, warm water, milk, ghee and urine. These all referred to Cow, means cow milk, cow ghee and cow mutra. If you are prescribed for paarad (Mercury) then use Hingul Paarad. For Ghandhak use Amla Saar Ghandhak and for Hartal use only Hartal Tavki or Shudh Hartal. Some drugs contain toxin ingredients in natural state so they need to purify first. So only use toxin free drugs in medicine under the health inspector prescription.
We can also use Yoga Click Here! with these traditional home remedies to be healthy and strong. For a better result use Ayurvedic medicine timely as per directed by Ayurvedic doctor.